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The South Ardmore Baseball League is proud to announce this season's 2019 award winners!

MVP - James Clark

Cy Young - Jim Sharkey

Silver Slugger - Tom Quirk

Infield Gold Glove - Rick Tull

Outfield Gold Glove - Kabreeze Sheed

Rookie of the Year - Jensy Peralta and Zack Crosby

Oldhead of the Year - Lou Petrone

In the summer of 2016, a couple of high-school and college friends in the Main Line Area decided they all missed playing baseball, and wanted to re-live their glory days of Little League.  Hence, the South Ardmore Men's Baseball League was established; a friendly (but competitive) adult pick-up baseball league, located at the picturesque Polo Field in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  As the league became more organized in the following year, its name then changed to "South Ardmore Baseball League."

We play once a weekend from late March to late December (with spring training games in the winter), and we generally follow standard baseball rules

Lastly, SABL maintains an interleague team, The Ardmore Angels, which takes part in the Battle of the Cities tournament as well as scheduled games with several men's teams in the Philly and New York areas.



The status quo's of the league are as follows:

- All inclusive (regardless of age, sexual orientation, gender, ability level)

- Rules are malleable, and can be subject to change depending on attendance/ability level. Structure is; however, encouraged to the degree that it is sustainable.

- Pitching drives most of the focus of the league; our objective is to promote more "Pitcher's Duels" rather than slugfests.  

We want to extend the ability levels of our players, many of whom play organized, competitive ball.  Clean, solid, fun baseball.

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