Administrative Staff

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The original founder of SABL, Bruce Leto, Jr. is passionate about baseball, music, and community gathering.  He has a lifetime .485/.599/.619 line at the plate, as well as a 12-4 record and a 2.06 ERA on the mound.  For the Angels in 2019, Bruce has been nothing short of extraordinary, pitching his way to 4 victories (one during the championship) and swinging his way to a .585 average.

Bruce's baseball-related achievements include the following:

  • ROY Runner-up; NYC Summer Baseball 2016

  • Coached the LMLL Juniors Travel Team in Fall 2016; coached LM High School Baseball in 2019

  • Finished Fairmount Park 2018 with Philadelphia Wolves (1-0 on the mound with a save, 2.33 ERA, and .370 batting average); made All-Defensive team at second base for the Wolves 

  • Led the PAB Bearded Goats in pitching wins (3-0) as well as BA going into playoffs (.440) for 2018 season. 

  • 0.86 ERA in SABL Summer Ball 2018 - CY Young Winner

  • Philadelphia Amateur Baseball ROOKIE OF THE YEAR 2018. (MVP Nominee by Manager, 2018)

  • 2019 Regular Season ERA Title Runner-Up in Fairmount Park (2.88 ERA over 24.1 IP) and led the league in overall hits at the plate (24; with a .414 regular season batting average).

  • Wins leader in BOC 2020 (4-0, 1-0 as a fill-in)

  • 2019 Fairmount Park "A" League - MOST VALUABLE PLAYER

  • 2019 Battle of the Cities - MVP Award

  • 2019 Battle of the Cities - Cy Young Award

  • 2020 Battle of the Cities - ALL LEAGUE SELECTION

  • 2020 Battle of the Cities - MVP Award

  • Wins Co-Leader - Aston Marauders 2020 Delco MSBL

  • 2021 Battle of the Cities - ALL LEAGUE SELECTION

  • 2021 Battle of the Cities - Cy Young (Runner Up)

  • Homers for Hope - Outfield Gold Glove Champ (2020)

  • Homers for Hope - Speed Champ (2020)

  • SJMSBL - Player of the Week (2021)

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In addition to being our league statistician and Co-Commissioner, Tom Quirk played for the Delco Blue Rocks in 2012 and the Montgomery County Orioles from 2013-2015 in the Liberty Bell Men's Baseball League (based in Philadelphia, PA).

Tom's approach to baseball is simple: work the count; crank anything close. Tom's offensive prowess in 2016 earned him the "Silver Slugger Award" in 2016 and 2019 and the All-Star team co-MVP in 2017, and he prides himself on likely being the only remaining fan of Dan Uggla in the Continental USA. Tom also has managed the Ardmore Angels to a 21-4 interleague record from 2016-2019 and compiled a lifetime slash of .416/.582/.510, with 36 RBIs.  

Additionally, Tom Quirk managed the 2019 BOC Championship Angels team!

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Rick Tull Jr. is SABL's web developer, personnel arbitrator, and ace pitcher. As infamous for his lack of hustle on ground balls as he is for his devastating repertoire on the mound, Rick also brings SABL's best glove to his already impressive baseball resume.  He boasts a career slash line of .315/.529/.378 as well as a 3-3 record and a 2.68 ERA on the mound.

Finishing 2017 as our All-Star Team co-MVP and Cy Young Winner, Ricky currently coaches at Central High School in Philadelphia and the Mt. Airy Stars 14U Legion team. Ricky also won the PAB championship in 2016 with the Brahma Bulls, and led the 2018 PAB Bearded Goats to a championship appearance as a starting pitcher and shortstop; Jawbreaker nominee - PAB 2018


  • Battle of the Cities Gold Glove

  • SABL Co-MVP/Gold Glove

  • Philadelphia Amateur Baseball MVP

  • 2020 Battle of the Cities - ALL LEAGUE SELECTION

  • 2021 Battle of the Cities - Silver Slugger

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