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Please Note

South Ardmore Baseball League follows traditional baseball rules whenever possible; however, we often have to modify rules slightly if we have fewer than 18 players. Scored games (stats eligible) are played with NO FEWER THAN 12 players (6 on 6 with two-three courtesy

fielders on each team).

  • All are welcome to play - captains are typically pre-determined for each game (by commissioner based on ability level, position preference, etc.


    • In an effort to keep SABL prices low, this league uses catcher umpires as the model.  This necessarily requires that the CATCHER'S WORD IS LAW where calls are concerned.  No calls will be overruled unless the catcher appeals the play himself, at which point ​he may request assistance from one of the commissioners, or the 1st baseman or the third baseman (For check swings).

  • Batters may not run to first on dropped third strikes.​​

  • Stolen Bases are currently not permitted

    • Leads and Pickoff attempts are permitted, but the batter may advance on a pickoff throw.​

    • Leads may not be more than 15 feet from the bag

  • Hit-by-pitches will always result in the batter being awarded first base in regular season games. 

    • During scrimmages or fall ball games, this rule is often relaxed somewhat as many hitters would rather get their cuts.

  • Players cannot opt out of stats for consistency purposes, as well as for Ardmore Angels team selection

  • Metal bats are banned at all times

    • In rare cases (usually winter games), this ban may be lifted for one game, which will be announced ahead of time.

  • Have fun!



  • Players who have not registered or paid the league fee will not be allowed to play unless they are on their 4-game trial period, which is for newcomers ONLY.

  • Players are strongly encouraged to RSVP to the commissioner (via FB, email, or text) at least 3 days prior to the game.

  • 3 day of/day before flakes may result in a cessation of invites to league games

  • Players who wish to change from YES to NO must do so no less than 24 hours prior to the announced game time.  There is no penalty for a MAYBE changing to a NO.

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